Artist Series

The number 6 is the right number for the Artist Series. SIX are the letters in the word ARTIST and the number 6 stays for balance and harmony.

The number SIX, similar to the artist, has the ability to beautify and enrich what is around him and that’s why we have put together in this series the guitars thought by great artists, realized together with EKO. They are like the leaders of our TRYBE. What we present here is the signature model in collaboration with Nek, new Italian Artist which EKO is proud to work.

This series will rapidly grow with no restrictions of any kind; every shape be it an electric, classic or acoustic guitar, every bass and ukulele, they will all be welcome. Many artists are already working with us and many new will be joining the team, stay tuned to find out the names that we will soon publish. What really matters is that all the peculiarities of each instruments have been designed by each artist with sound and playability in mind, in combination with visual characteristics, that are so important in a guitar.

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