NXT Series
ince 1959, Eko was for many the FIRST guitar, with millions of people starting to play holding an EKO guitars in their hands. Eko has always been recognized throughout the world for excellent price quality ratio. [+]
TRI Series
… an indissoluble TRInity. [+]
DUO Series
In this case the DUO is not formed by two people but from the union of the musician and his instrument. [+]
Evo Series
The EVO(lution) series carries the “genetic” code of the MIA series, which have become Eko’s most successful guitars in recent years. [+]

EGO Series
Often, in addition to the passion and love for music, what gives enough determination for a musician to succeed is the EGO [+]
The number 6 is the right number for the ARTIST series. [+]
Ranger VR Series
In 1962 EKO decided on producing a series of folk guitars, upon popular demand by Italian and foreign markets. After a thorough market research, the dreadnought shape was chosen, very much in fashion in the U.S. at the time. Initially the 6-string J54 was produced. [+]
MIA Series
The Italian meaning of the word MIA is MINE! [+]

Special Series

Anniversary editions, limited editions or guitars made for special occurrences are collected... [+]

Master Series
The instruments inside this series are all manufactured in Italy by EKO luthiers [+]

EKO Guitars at Namm Show 2017
EKO Guitars at Namm 2016, Hall D 3183. From January 19th to 22nd. [+]
Roberto Fontanot from the region of Friuli, is one of Europe's leading luthiers and has decided to relocate from Verona to Recanati [+]
Welcome the last product born inside of the EKO accessories family [+]