ACC All-Around Capo

All-Around Capo is a mobile capotasto that can be used on classical guitar, 6 and 12 string acoustic guitar and on electric gui [....]

Picks Keeper

The Picks Keeper is a new Made in Italy product that expands the range of accessories by Eko Guitars. Designed and developed in [....]

SC01 Magnetic Soundhole Single coil

The Eko Guitars SC01 Magnetic Soundhole singol coil is a pick up designed for acoustic guitar that thanks to the historical sin [....]

PB01 Power Blend Magnetic + Condenser

The Eko Guitars PowerBlend PB01 is a two-system pickup: Magnetic (humbucker) and Condenser microphone; the Magnetic pickup pick [....]

GBU Cleaner

GBU Cleaner is essential for the cleaning and maintenance of the strings, extending their life to the maximum. Also very useful [....]

Fasi Pickup

The FASI is a suction cup pickup with cable and jack, suitable For All Stringed Instruments. Last product born inside of the EK [....]

Cyclope Portable Amp

CYCLOPE is the new portable headphone amplifier with Drive Control and AUX input! Very easy to use. Connect your guitar and enj [....]