Nxt Series

Since 1959, Eko was for many the FIRST guitar, with millions of people starting to play holding an EKO guitars in their hands.

Eko has always been recognized throughout the world for excellent price quality ratio. This first series of acoustic instruments are intended to be not only the first, but also the N(e)XT guitar in the development of a musician ’s path... One step forward, a little more... a little farther. A series of instruments with 100% EKO characteristics. Entry level guitar’s very affordable, made with great care for detail and quality, that make the NXT series an ideal first guitar, but also the "next" that guitarist wants to have. The rounded/smoothed shapes of the 2014 headstock and bridge are a good match to the "straight cutaway" particular to EKO. The oval shaped hole, although coming from the late 60s, becomes wonderfully modern when applied to the NXT Nylon and Gipsy.

NXT Nylon CW Eq Black

NXT Nylon CW Eq Black

The NXT Nylon is an entry level Nylon guitar that comes with all you need to please your ears and eyes. Great sound and astonishing appearance. NXT Nylon is a mix between an Acoustic, a Gypsy and a Classical guitar: ready to be played standing in Live, with the neck joint at XIV fret to be easily played in the higher part of the neck. The gloss finish, the design of the headstock and bridge, the smooth and rounded shapes, the X logo at the twelfth fret for an attractive and elegant look with the Italian [...]

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