In this case the DUO is not formed by two people but from the union of the musician and his instrument.

The instrument itself becomes part of the DUO and the new rosette is trying to communicate/express this double thread tie which links the guitarist and his guitar in an inextricably way, the sinuous curves of the headstock and bridge are represented in the new Rosette DUO, that intersects them together.

The EKO philosophy of offering fantastic quality/price ratio, finds the DUO and DUO Flamed+ the perfect connection of aesthetics and attention to detail.

This series which come in two versions, pays a lot attention on the aesthetics of the instrument, even though they are entry level instruments, they are a pleasure for the eyes.

With a very stylish design they offer a round and rich sound. The series also includes equalized versions, featuring an Eko in house designed EQ and the Flamed+ the famous Fishman Isys 301.



DUO D CW EQ Natural
DUO D CW Flamed EQ Natural
DUO 018 Natural
DUO 018 CW EQ Natural
DUO 018 CW Flamed EQ Natural
MINI DUO Natural
MINI DUO Flamed Natural
MINI DUO Flamed CW EQ Natural