The Vibra series by Eko Guitars, consisting of six models of classical guitars, is specially designed for demanding students and teachers who want to combine quality and price. It is the point of contact between affordable instruments and the need for an extremely high-performance instrument.

From a long work in collaboration with classical guitar teachers, respecting the tradition of 'Spanish Guitars', our Project Leader Massimo Varini and Master Luthier Roberto Fontanot have created Vibra, the range of classical guitars capable of accompanying the student throughout his or her studies, from the early years to concert performance.


From the small Vibra 75, with 3/4 scale, suitable for the very first stages of study, passing through the 100 and 200, we arrive at the more refined models, Made in Spain, suitable for the advanced student and the professional, the Vibra 300 with solid cedar top and the Vibra 500 entirely in solid wood. The series also hosts a model of modern conception, very versatile, designed with cutaway shoulder and Fishman G03 on board equalisation, the Vibra 150 CW Eq.

      • Size 3/4 (the only one in the series), top in Cedar: Vibra 75
      • Cedar Top: Vibra 100
      • Cedar top, electrified cutaway: Vibra 150
      • Solid cedar top: Vibra 200
      • Solid Cedar top, Rosewood fingerboard (Made in Spain): Vibra 300
      • All solid (Cedar, Rosewood) Made in Spain: Vibra 500