The acoustic guitar that has made the Eko Guitars brand famous, an icon of the 1960s that has accompanied generations of musicians around the world, now in an updated version: the Ranger CW EQ.


In modern versions, the Ranger CW EQ has a great deal of room thanks to the addition of the cutaway and electric piezo amplification. The cutaway makes it easier to reach the highest frets (above the 12th fret), which is a great solution for fans of solo parts or high arpeggios.


Thanks to the Eko SE30 preamp, you can manage the amplified sound of your guitar via the controls on the panel: Volume, three-band EQ (bass, midrange, treble), phase inverter for use in case of instrument feedback, and display tuner. You can then connect your Ranger to a dedicated acoustic guitar amplifier, mixer, or sound system, and you can record your parts directly to the soundcard.


In terms of construction, it features a Spruce top, Linden back and sides, Okoumé neck and South American Roupana fingerboard, with 43 mm nut and 650 mm scale length. The Ranger CW EQ is available in various finishes: Natural, Black, Brown Sunburst, Red Sunburst and Blue Sunburst.

All in all, an instrument that, due to its characteristics and quality/price ratio, is aimed both at those who are beginning to study acoustic guitar, and at those who, for a limited budget, want an instrument that can also be used in the rehearsal room, on stage or in home recording.